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What do you get when you cross Nine Inch Nails with Metallica in Berlin and then torch it all up into flames?


This death metal/techno band from East Germany first got noticed in the United States by appearing on the Lost Highway Soundtrack.  This initial flirtation of their Armageddon-style music was followed up with the band's latest CD, "Sehnsucht."  They can be currently seen on Mtv as a buzzclip with the video for "Du Haste" and have a track on the new Depeche Mode tribute album, "For the Masses."

Rammstein has a big following in it's homeland, where they play to sold out halls and theaters.  Their first CD, Herzeleid, was a german only release but can be found in cool music stores in the U.S.  This CD kicks serious ass so grab if you can lay your hands on a copy! 

Rammstein has briefly toured the States and plan to tour again in the fall of '98.  As one who has seen them live (San Francisco with only a few hundred people), I have to say these guys are awesome!

If you are already a fan of Rammstein, then enjoy what I've been able to collect here on this site.  If you have not given the band a spin yet, I highly recommend you go buy their music now!!

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